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            This program is designed to serve as the foundational education base for all Theology programs at Gardner College. This program could stand alone as a one year educational experience in Theology, as it is designed to provide some very practical work in areas which will help the student in offering service to the church and in personal growth. However, all these courses would be accepted in the A. Th. Diploma and the B. Th. Degree should a student decide to further their education at Gardner.

   This program, standing alone, does not qualify for some provincial loan programs.


             PSY150(3)          Psychology of Personhood

              MU150(3)          Introduction to Worship and Song Leading

                 B100(3)          Survey of Old Testament

                 B150(3)          Gospel of John and Johannine Letters

               PE100(1)          Physical Education

            ENG220(3)          Literature


               CD101(3)          Church of God Studies *

                 B101(3)          Survey of New Testament

               AT101(3)          Christian Life and Work

            ENG221(3)          Composition**

                 B151(3)          Romans and Galatians

                                        an elective course, 1 hr minimum

*         CD101 can be waived for those who are not from a Church of God heritage but students who waive CD101 will be required to pick up three hours of studies in some other area of Church Doctrine.

**  Students who fail to pass ENG221 will be required to take the course ENG100 before attempting to repeat this course.

Requirements and limitations are:

 1.    Thirty-two hours of study.

 2.    The successful completion of all required courses.

 3.    A cumulative grade point average of 70% or better.

 4.    No more than one required course with a grade of below 70% will be allowed to stand in the total courses needed for graduation.

 5.    No student shall be allowed to participate in Commencement exercises until all requirements have been met.