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After you have completed the following questions, the admissions process should be easy for you…and for us. Additional information will be sent to you as we continue to process your application.

A file will be opened only upon receipt of a non-refundable application fee of $25.00.


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List your major extracurricular activities or hobbies in order of their importance to you. Also, list year of participation.

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List any organization in which you have held elected or honorary positions. What positions?

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What areas of career interest do you have at this time? This information would be helpful in the initial assignment of a faculty advisor.

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What program or courses do you plan to take?

Why do you want to attend Gardner College?

How do you plan to finance your college education?

(If you would like information on Student loans contact the College’s Registrar.)

Additional Requirements:
Upon registration students enrolled in the Early Childhood Development/Care and Youth Care Worker programs will be required to give evidence of a Police Record Name Check, Social Services Check and be responsible for having current immunizations.

Having made this application to Gardner College, I hereby affirm that the information included in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. If accepted, I agree to supply any additional forms, records, or information necessary. Gardner College is founded on Christian principles, and we believe college-bound students who live by Christian principles should seek a college where there is a combination of excellent academic offerings and meaningful spiritual support. The college years are a foundation on which one’s life can be built. Gardner takes seriously its portion of the responsibility for your education and expects that you, too, take your portion seriously.

I have read the above statement and because I want the most out of the time I invest in my education, if accepted to Gardner College, I will subscribe to the School’s policies, philosophy of conduct, and beliefs.

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In conformance with all Canadian rights and regulations, Gardner College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color or national origin in the educational programs or activities which it operates.

This form must be accompanied-by a non-refundable application fee of $25.00.

Please return completed application to:

Attention Registrar
4707-56 Street
Camrose, AlbertaT4V 2C4

If you have further questions call 1-780-672-0171 / 1-888-672-5755 or Fax 1-780-672-62465


A community is a difficult reality to achieve: so many people, so many differing backgrounds, so many standards and understandings of what is right and wrong. However, community is possible. Gardner people – students, faculty, and staff – seek community and hold it as an ideal which is often achieved. No community is possible which does not provide the necessary processes for open, honest, and caring communication. Living in close daily association with others requires sacrifice and loving adjustment in personal liberties. The behaviour of each individual affects the well-being of others in important ways; it also affects the degree to which community is realized. For these reasons, it is assumed that the student willingly and intelligently commits him or herself to the responsibilities and privileges of community life.

In order to help you understand what is expected of you in that commitment, this letter is both one of intent and one of agreement. You are stating your intention to come to Gardner College during the next term, and you are agreeing to openly accept those “privileges and responsibilities” which are part of the Gardner lifestyles.

A. LIFESTYLE STANDARDS: The standards of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Gardner College are founded in evangelical Christianity. The College’s social expectations emanate from the value of modeling a Christian lifestyle. Evangelical Christians are guided by biblical standards of moral integrity, social consciousness, personal health, and effective Christian witness. To encourage individual behaviour under these standards, and to ensure a spirit of Christian community, the College does not permit: participation in activities which disrupt the educational processes of the College; use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or controlled substances; acts which involve gambling or dishonest behaviour. Though the College maintains respect for the individual and appreciation for personal rights, students participating in these activities are subject to denial of admission, cancellation of registration, or disciplinary action. In order to maintain an effective Christian witness, students are expected to avoid questionable practices in entertainment, conduct, and appearance. Social dancing is not permitted on or off campus as a College-sponsored activity.

B. CHAPEL ATTENDANCE: Chapel in all its forms is an integral part of the educational experience as the total community gathers for worship, quest, and inspiration. Because of its importance and its intended centrality in the life of the Gardner community, attendance is required.

C. RESIDENTIAL LIFE: Additional expectations for resident students include dorm hours as posted in the student handbook and/or in the living areas. There is also a policy governing the visitation by male and female students in the living quarters of the opposite sex.

I recognize the importance of commitment to openness of communication, understanding of expectations and standards, and loving adjustment to achieve the ideal of Christian community. Therefore, I commit myself to living in accord with the guidelines, expectations, and standards as set forth in this letter and as further explained in the enclosed student handbook.

(Please print your name)(Signature and date)

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