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The College

             Gardner College is the coeducational institution of Christian higher education of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) in Canada. In keeping with the Biblical understanding that all persons in Christ are one, Gardner welcomes students from all denominations to study in a community of Christian love.

             Gardner is a place where academic excellence is seen as a celebration of God’s creativity alive in each person. The faculty and the educational resources at Gardner combine to offer the student the opportunity and atmosphere to grow in their intellectual creativity and thus to prepare for meaningful vocational options.

             Gardner is a place where students can discover the meaning of their faith and where they can find a closer relationship with God. Gardner College unites the spiritual and academic disciplines necessary to prepare persons, according to God’s call, for effective and informed service.


             Alberta Bible Institute came into existence in 1933 to meet the need for a centre of Biblical studies in Canada. Under the leadership of the late Dr. Harry C. Gardner, principal and president for the first twenty years of its life, the College began its development. In the second year of its growth, Gardner was joined by the German Bible Institute from Medicine Hat, Alberta, led by the Rev. Jacob Wiens. In March 1947, by act of the Provincial Legislature, Alberta Bible Institute received its Charter of Incorporation. In 1981, the name was changed to Gardner Bible College In 1993, the College became Gardner College – A Centre for Christian Studies.

             For more than 65 years the College has persisted in maintaining academic excellence with a strong spiritual emphasis. Gardner College has endeavoured to keep alive the atmosphere of “Koinonia” fellowship; the family of God sharing and growing together. It is believed that in this setting students are challenged to realize their highest potential. This is evidenced by missionaries, pastors, educators, and many committed lay persons who have taken responsible positions in both the church and society.

             Since we live in a society of continual change, an evaluation of the program is continually taking place in order to meet the demand for sound Christian higher education. For that reason, a favourable admission arrangement for University courses exists between Gardner and the Augustana University College. This enables the student to maintain active identity with and participation in the Gardner community while receiving university credits, or pursuing a liberal arts degree. Gardner has also developed strong ties to four sister colleges in the United States (Anderson University, Mid-America Bible College, Warner Pacific College and Warner Southern College) that allows for transferability into liberal arts studies.


             The Christian college was never intended to be a shelter from the world and its demands, but rather preparation for involvement in the world by offering the opportunity for academic challenge established on a vital Christian foundation. Gardner’s aim is to prepare individuals for major decision making in life and to provide this preparation in the context of a redemptive, spiritual fellowship of believers. To that end, Gardner seeks to assist each student in the following:

1.          To grow in their understanding of God, the world community, others and self.

2.          To acquire the skills of learning, thinking and communicating so that they are enabled to minister effectively in and through the Church and society.

3.          To discover God’s will.

4.          To mature in attitudes of responsible behaviour.

5.          To gain an awareness of the Christian faith and its power to meet the needs of the individual in the world community.

             The following statement taken from the Charter, given assent on March 31, 1947, describes the historic intention of the College: “…having as its objects the providing of intellectual and spiritual training for prospective ministers, missionaries and gospel workers and of promoting the true principles and teachings of the Bible as taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ…”. Gardner College continues to affirm this role and mission as outlined in the charter.



             Camrose has a population of over 14,500 people, and serves a community of 150,000 residents in surrounding towns, farms and villages. It is situated 90 km. (55 miles) southeast of the capital of the province, the city of Edmonton, which has a population in excess of one-half million.

             Situated in east-central Alberta, in a mixed-farming parkland area, Camrose is expanding its industrial base and thus is developing fine shopping facilities and schools, including a composite high school and several elementary schools. Also, a liberal arts college offering baccalaureate degrees accredited by the Private Colleges Accreditation Board of the Province of Alberta. Camrose is within a one hour drive of the Edmonton International Airport, and is served by Greyhound Bus Lines.

             For the sports enthusiast, there are indoor rinks for skating and curling, a ski area (nordic and alpine), luge run, aquatic centre, walking and hiking trails, tennis courts, golf courses, ball diamonds, a small lake, parks for picnics, wooded areas and a river valley for hiking, fishing and hunting. Gardner is a four hour drive from two of the finest scenic and recreational areas on the North American continent, Banff and Jasper National Parks.

             Gardner College facilities include: The Autumn Haggerty Library and Administration which houses the College’s library and food services in the Haggerty Library wing; and faculty offices, administration, and classrooms housed in the Olsen Hall Wing. Adams Hall provides student housing for those students who live on Campus. Hildebrand Hall is the music and drama facility for Gardner, and also provides a classroom setting and chapel centre. Hildebrand Hall also houses the student lounge. Adjacent to the campus are the Camrose Church of God and the Church of God Executive Offices (Western Canada) and their facilities are also used by the College. Gardner’s facilities are also enhanced by the proximity and cooperative relationship which exists with the Augustana University College.


Gardner College Library contains over 25,000 volumes. These holdings reflect a variety of academic, philosophical and religious perspectives, with special attention to the evangelical perspective. Current holdings include a significant selection of resource material for study and research. A growing periodical, tape, cassette, and audio-visual collection is part of the Library and Resource Centre.

             In addition, the libraries of the Augustana University College and the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute are available, and provide the student with over 70,000 volumes for study and research. The Camrose Public Library is also available, providing access to many additional works.


             Accreditation in Canada must be understood from a position of the historical development of higher education. Universities have traditionally held the right of accreditation and have with reserved care entered into relationships of affiliation. Gardner’s credits, though not transferable to Canadian universities, are transferable to other private colleges and universities in the United States and several Canadian Bible colleges and seminaries. Gardner’s recognition in the academic community are listed on the following page.


     1.       The Alberta Legislature, by a special act of incorporation, has granted Gardner a charter of recognition as an institution of religious higher education.

     2.       Gardner College is a member of the Association of Canadian Bible Colleges, an organization promoting high standards of Bible College Education.

     3.       Gardner College has been approved as a designated institution for Canada Student Loans.

     4.       The Anderson School of Theology, Anderson, Indiana, accepts Gardner’s Bachelor of Theology graduates into its program.

     5.       Bachelor of Theology graduates have been accepted into several Canadian seminaries to pursue their graduate studies. These include: Canadian Theological Seminary (Regina, SK); St. Stephen’s College (Edmonton, AB); Edmonton Baptist Seminary (Edmonton, AB); Providence Seminary (Otterburne, MB) and Trinity Western Seminary (Langley, BC).

     6.       Warner Pacific College, Portland, Oregon; Warner Southern College, Lake Wales, Florida; and Mid-America Bible College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, have each entered into a special transfer agreement with Gardner, allowing students to finish a B.A. or B.Sc. degree at those respective colleges after completing their beginning two years of study at Gardner.

     7.       Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California, has entered into a special transfer agreement with Gardner, allowing our students to finish a B.A. or B.Sc. degree at Azusa, beginning with two years of study at Gardner.

     8.       Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana, recognizes Gardner credits according to their program of studies on the condition that the student maintains a minimum grade of C in all transferable subjects.

     9.       Gardner College has been approved as a postsecondary educational institution by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in the United States. Students who qualify for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs G.I. Bill may use such funds to attend Gardner.

   10.       Gardner College has been recognized by United States Department of Education, so that students from the United States are eligible to receive Guaranteed Student Loans.

   11.       Gardner College is a full member of the Commission on Christian Higher Education of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).

   12.       Early Childhood Education Memberships:

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Alberta Association for Young Children

Ecumenical Child Care Network

Canadian Child Care Federation

Alberta Teacher’s Association Kid’s First

Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women

   13.       The Early Childhood Development program is licensed with the Private Vocational Schools division of Alberta Advanced Education.

   14.       Gardner College is a member of The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education.

   15.       Gardner is affiliated with the Child Youth Care Association of Alberta, and encourages students in the CYCW program to take out individual membership in the CYCAA.