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Camrose, Alberta

An application for residence must be accompanied by a $100.00 deposit that becomes an interest-bearing damage deposit upon the student’s arrival and if, no outstanding accounts exist, then the deposit is refundable after the school year is over.

All students are required to live on campus their first two years of study, unless they are 21 years of age and over. Other exceptions are listed in the College’s Catalogue.


[ ] Mr.Surname or Family NameFirst NameSecond Name
[ ]Town/CityProv./State
[ ] Mrs.Permanent AddressPostal CodeTelephone
[ ] Ms.CountryBirth Date Age

In case of an emergency, the following person should be notified.

SurnameFirst NameHome PhoneBusiness Phone
Address (street/box #)Town/CityProv./State

(If this person cannot be reached – contact ___________________________ at ____________________________)

B. CONTRACT PERIOD AND COST This Contract cannot be modified after registration!

C. PLACEMENT INFORMATION – please answer all questions –

a) I am a morning person [ ] Yes [ ] No

b) I like to stay up late [ Yes [ ] No

c) I prefer to study in my room [ ] Yes [ ] No

d) I keep my room neat and organized [ ] Yes [ ] No

Qualities I would like in a roommate (please list).


1. In exchange for room and board, the student agrees to pay Gardner College (hereinafter referred to as “College”), the established fees for room and board. The College reserves the right to make changes in room and board rates prior to occupancy.

2. a) The student understands and agrees that this contract is for a space in residential housing. The College reserves the right to assign the student to a specific location in residential housing.

b) The space assigned to the student is to be used and occupied by the student for residential purposes only.

c) The student must register all overnight guests. There may be no more than two guests in a room over the weekend. The student is responsible for the actions of his/her guests at all times.

3. College officials may inspect the space assigned to the student. If the student is absent from his/her room and College officials reasonably believe that entry is necessary, they may without notice, and with appropriate force, enter the room.

4. The student may make no physical changes (painting, adding paneling, or partitions, etc.) to the premises with out prior permission of the Housing Supervisor. Any changes in furniture arrangements that may subject the occupants of the room and/or residence to fire or safety hazards are forbidden. Students may not use or possess high-wattage appliances (electric fry-pans, hot plates, etc.).

5. The student will be held responsible for the College property that is damaged, altered, or found to be missing during or, as a result of his/her period of residence and, for extra cleaning that may be necessary. The student agrees to pay any charges levied against his/her account for these reasons.

6. The student agrees to hold harmless the College and its officers, employees, and agents for damages sustained by the student or others on the premises or furnishings and facilities. If a person is injured by a hazard constructed by a student, the student is liable for all damages.

7. In the event that the status of the occupant as a student at the College is terminated, this agreement and the right of the student to room and board will be revoked 24 hours after that termination. Students must check out in the manner described in the Student Handbook before this 24-hour period expires.

8. At the Christmas break, the student must leave the residence and the campus by 9:00 p.m. on the evening of his/her last examination, or pay the established rental rate if this is agreed to by the Administration.

9. At the end of the contract period, the student agrees to vacate the premises by 9:00 p.m. the day following commencement, or pay the established rental rate if this is agreed to by the Administration; and follow check-out procedures as described in the Student Handbook. Any of the student’s property remaining on campus after the student vacates will be removed by College officials. If not claimed after 30 days, this property will be abandoned and will be disposed of accordingly; the College neither expresses nor implies any responsibility for property so disposed of. During this 30-day period, the College will not be responsible for damage to, or theft of this property.

10. The student agrees to observe all rules and regulations of the College that are published in the College Catalogue, the Student Handbook, and any of their addenda. By this reference to them, these rules and regulations may cause this agreement and his/her status as a student at the College to be terminated.

A residence application MUST BE accompanied by a $100.00 deposit that becomes an interest-bearing damage deposit upon the student’s arrival and is refundable after the school year is over, if no outstanding debt exists.

All students are required to live on campus for their first two years of study. Exceptions are listed in the College Catalogue.