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            This program will provide the student the option of a baccalaureate degree in the area of Early Childhood Development or Child/Youth Care Worker. The foundation of the program is the two year diploma program in their chosen field. The program requires the student to complete all 63 hours of the diploma program.

            In addition, the student must complete an additional 35 hours according to the table listed below.

Required (26 hours)

              PE100(1)         Physical Education (must be taken twice)

            ENG220(3)         Literature

            HST279(3)         Canadian History 1867-Present

            PSY150(3)         Psychology of Personhood

             MH100(3)         Music History

        or MU150(3)         Introduction to Worship and Song Leading

                B100(3)         Survey of the Literature of the Old Testament

                B101(3)         Survey of Literature of the New Testament

              AT101(3)         Christian Life and Work

              CD101(3)         Church of God Studies *

Electives (9 hours)

              AT200(3)         Personal Evangelism

              AT201(3)         Apologetics

              AT250(3)         Introduction to Missions

              AT270(3)         Church Growth

                B150(3)         Studies in the Gospel of John and Johannine Letters

                B151(3)         Studies in Romans and Galatians

                B200(3)         Biblical Interpretation of the Old Testament

                B201(3)         Biblical Interpretation of the New Testament

                B250(3)         The Synoptic Gospels and Acts

                B251(3)         Studies in the Pauline Letters

              CD391(3)         Biblical Theology

              CE100(3)         Introduction to Educational Ministry of the Church

              CE231(3)         Faith Development

             IDS300(3)         Practicum in Developing Team Ministries

      MV100-400(1)         College Choir **

      MV190-196(1)         Private Voice **

       M_190-106(1)         Private Instruments **

*  CD101 can be waived for those who are not from a Church of God heritage but students who waive CD101 will be required to pick up three hours of studies from the list of electives.

**Not more than four hours total may be taken from these music electives.

Planning Notes:

In order to best integrate this program, the student should take courses from all disciplines in all three years of their program. A detailed three-year plan should be developed in consultation with the faculty advisor.